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Our Businesses: Special Affairs Catering ( Wedding Cakes and Other Goodies ! ) and Dolly's Seasonings Inc., the home of "Dolly's Seasoned Salt "

Monday, June 17, 2013


Boooyyyyy have I been a bad blogger.  Well, things have been tough. Not my steak, pork or Turkey, just tough.  'nuf said.

One year later I am-a-blogging.  And since I am making up time, and am in Kansas, Overland Park to be exact, have you heard about, well, I can't tell, ay dios mio,  OKAY I can ....  Torreador.  Now those who know me know that I am a TACO SNOB.  So, when I find a place that my pallet allows .....  Yowza !!!!!!

The place is small, hidden, (Hint - those are the best places to find.....) and either term says nothing about the store.  Firstly you can eat tacos anywhere.  And, me, the taco snob LOVES TACO BELL.  Go figure.  What many people do not know is that if you go to Portland Maine, ( you should !) there is a place that is close to the style of Torreador called "Taco Escobar." Both cool,  Torreador, DELUXE. !!   Or should I say, no I won't, OKAY, muy bueno.

The staff could not have been nicer, HOMEMADE SALSA  ....  !!!!!!!!  Chips and hot sauce at your table !  Iced Tea came with lemon, and to me this is a plus,..... silverware came to the table in a napkin !!!!!!!! Condiments on the table???  Can I have a free taco ????  ( Sorry )

Torreador is a place to be reackoned with.

When in Kansas, forget about the rainbow and just go out for tacos. And when you do, GO TO TORREADOR.  The salsa was smooth, original and just right. Tacos so full of meat I can not imagine that you could not be happy, chicken, beef, ...........

The only bad thing was that I was not offered water. I am a weird person, LOVE iced water in a glass, not to worry, life goes on.

Go to Torreador, you will not be sorry.

Wheel Chair assessable  -  YES
Service  -  the bomb
Tacos -  yup, the bomb !!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well, July is 'round the corner and what does that mean ?  Fireworks and Giant Strawberry Short Cake !!!!!  So ask Lisa Bonarrigo what she thinks about the "Thunder Boomers ?!?!?!" 

Says Lisa, " I love Pizza, ............... and fireworks !!!!! And infused water !!!!!  So stop by the cafe and meet our Chef Paul Jerabek, order a sandwich, have a glass of free infused water. Yum !!!!!