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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Recomendation ..... For You !

Well, the Taco Snob is back !  A friend called me and said I needed to try a great taco joint called Tic Taco.  So of course I went over with no money on me and a dead credit card !  That is Okay though as, to start the service was exceptional !  How embarrassing is it the be a food Blogger, have no money on you ?  Pretty Sad !!!!!  However the crisp taco that I had was anything but sad ............  As my English friend over, well in England says .....    Darling it is delicious, and it was. Now everyone who knows this taco snob knows how harsh of a judge I am.  After 24 years in the Deep South I certainly have become one !  Firstly it was a bit hard to find but well worth the search and embarrassment.  When you end up with egg on your face ( or should I say taco ? )  well, I left an IOU and savored every bite. The beef was perfectly cooked and what I liked the most, besides the nice people behind the counter was the fact that the smart workers left the onions off.  I love onions on my chili but not on my Tacos. I am a beef, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese taco snob.  And, when the tomatoes are fresh from the garden and the proper taco lettuce, iceberg are as crisp and fresh as the trappings onn my delicious fare there was nothing more to say !!!!!  And, I am not one to give a good review just because I was embarrassed.  I would just not write it as, after all every food writer has their own opinion as the one in Dallas who wrote me a review about me saying that my Chicken Soup tasted like " Car Wash Drippings! "  Whatever.  Take my word for it and head over to One City Center and enjoy a taco.  And you will !!!!!!  And please do not tell my doctor about all that guacamole .............

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