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Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Recomendation ..... For You !

Kim Horton's Specialty Foods

So, ........ have you been to the "Public House Market Place" in Portland Maine's Monument Square.  If you have not then you are missing a few hidden gems that quietly house themselves inside the Market Places' hallowed halls.  One of them is Kim Horton's.

At the other end of Congress Street you have Longfellow Square named for the statue of HW Longfellow that rests there, which is odd because the "Longfellow House" is across the street from MONUMENT SQUARE !" ......  whatever.  Get off your high horse and take a stroll into the Public House Market Place where you will find Kim Horton, aka K Horton Specialty Foods. And, special are Kim and friends. 

Firstly, KIM GIVES SAMPLES !!!!!  Now I get paid for some reviews, do some for my blog and do others because I feel that they should be done just to be another who sings the praises of a great food place.  Kim Horton's place is just that.  They do not give samples, off the cuff, of any cheese that they feel should be used before the "sale date" is up as everyone in the food business knows that CHEESE LASTS FOREVER.  They give samples of the beautiful items that Kim and her staff create in their tiny kitchen. And, YUM is the word.  If you get a sample from Kim, be rude and take MANY !!!!! 

Kim is smart.  She makes most of what they sell and buys what she does not want to make, no matter. If you buy a product to sell in your shop, like cheese, you only buy the best, as Kim does.  Her mousses and Pates melt in your mouth, her cheeses make you weep and her chicken salad ALMOST made me cry. You have to realize that I think that I am the only person who makes a good chicken salad. If you do not like chicken salad try her " Herbed Tuna " or just be happy with any wrap that her staff has put together.  I am usually not a fan of wraps, like my sandwiches on bread, but K Hortons nearly converted me on several occasions when wraps were all that were available in my price range.

Yes, I get odd looks when I over sample, I have stopped that now, I swear !  But here is my secret for decadence in over-abundance........

Buy a 1/4 inch thick slice of her decadent Pate de Campagne.  Cover it with a free paper napkin.  Tip Toe across to the bread bakery across the way.  Ask for a sample of their delicious, homemade bread to be reviewed later, if I am not shot that is ......

Use your sampled, buttered bread, add your decadent Pate, fold in half, sneak outside, hide your face, especially from your heart doctor, and ENJOY. Total decadence, Buttered bread, Pate, YUM. I can still feel my arteries hardening !!!!!

So, if you have to go bad and tick off your doctor go to the  Portland Public Market House for a delicious meal from Kim Horton. If not a meal, at least pick up some cheese and crackers, you will never be able to make up your mind of which type of cheese, so here is a suggestion:

Brie, easy and ready to go, add a drop of lime marmalade, then some orange jam, grab some crackers or toasts and enjoy !  And, if cheese is not what you want ....you have a huge vegetable bin to pick from, etc.....   Hey, buy any type of cheese that you like, add a Roma tomato, some fresh herbs and an assortment of fresh veggies that Horton's offers and, well you are golden !

I recently bought some Vermont cheddar that was tasty, also a Camembert wedge that had a lemon infusion which made me weep. Strawberry gormandise, etc.... I could go on and on.......  I tried the goat meat, great, ... I have to stop now, I am getting hungry again !

Go to K Horton's, you will not be disappointed.

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