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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good News !

The Taste of Maine Restaurant opened today !  Good news for all!  And, if you want a "Taste of Maine" you gotta go there !  There are as many people who have opinions on whose Lobster Roll is the best as there are lobsters in the sea. There's is great. And, the rest of their fare is deluxe too. Their Lobster roll is made correctly. Cold Lobster meat ( sorry to that place in the Cape that servres the lobster meat hot, a no no ! ), a properly toasted Nissen Hot Dog Bun, cold mayo and a spot of lettuce if you must.  No bacon, though I LOVE bacon, no blue cheese or any cheese, just pure heaven, LOBSTER AND MAYO.  A traditional lobster roll has nothing else.  And, it has to be a Nissen bun, a top loader. You can't grill a side loader.  You can cut them in half to make minis for cocktail ( A lot easier than making homemade, TRUST ME !) but if you can't grill it it aint a Maine Lobster roll. So, go to The Taste of Maine, enjoy the view and their Maine Shrimps, or even better, a lobster roll.  Yum !!!!!

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