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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Recomendation ..... For You!

Everyone who knows me, well knows what a taco snob I am.  Happiness abounds when you walk into a beautiful dining spot called TACO ESCOBARR !  There is nothing more I can say but I have found Heaven in Portland Maine.  Today I had the Carne Assada in a puffed shell and let me just say, as my mentor Julia Child once said, "Diet Food is only edible while you are waiting for your steak to cook !" The Carne Assada here at Taco Escobarr is worth breaking your diet. And, I am not saying that they are fattening, they are just so good you'll want to eat them until you die. All I can say is Que Bueno ! Now I am a taco snob and that doesn't compute to some folks who will see me sneaking a taco from Taco Belle, ( Secretly yummy ! ) however when my snobiness comes out the only place to go is Taco Escobarr !!!

Deluxe !

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