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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cook's Tip

Clean as you go !

When you have a small kitchen with limited counter space some folks learn this Cook's Tip easily. If you are always on delivery deadlines you learn this faster. It is a basic staple of any kitchen no matter the size and amount of counter space. CLEAN AS YOU GO !!!  When you crack eggs into your cake recipe take an extra 2 seconds and toss them into your compost or trash can.  Your pasta sauce bubbles a bit too hard, grab your sponge or dish rag and wipe up the splatter. In general you will be happier when your guests park themselves in your kitchen ( Which they always do ) to watch you cook. Your guests will sit down to dinner knowing that your kitchen is clean and you will not spend hours, after they leave cleaning up. You can leave on your catering or food delivery of some kind knowing that you do not have to rush back to clean and you mom, or the public health inspector will not pass out when they enter your kitchen !

Bonus Tip:  Keep your kitchen sink empty ! Why? This way, when you are making a dish you can rinse your utensil, bowl or skillet/pot and use it again for another application. In the end you have less to wash with more time to party !

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