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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Best Wishes and A Story ..... For You !

Happy Candlemas !  Okay,..... Happy Ground Hog Day !!

The most fun having a catering company in Dallas Texas was having an excuse to buy cookbooks !  Some 400 books later I still cling to "The Denton Women's Club" cookbook and "River Road Recipes," both chock filled with homespun southern treats. Now, no one cooks Ground Hog, I hope, but one of the oddest things that we were asked to fix, though I declined, was Squirrell !

Oh the South !  We ended up serving something else, oh I think we served Frog's Legs instead. None of us in the kitchen could see "Rockey" flying on to a plate !

The bad thing about serving the Frog's legs was the fact that our client had a tiny kitchen and we had to prepare half of the meal in the hall potty's sink. Sauteed in Garlic, lemon and butter they might have "Tasted like Chicken" but none of us could get the thought of Ponchatone Phil poking his head out of a hole and telling the world that winter was going to continue for six weeks more.  Luckily we had good relationships with our clients and could get away with telling some that we would not fix one of their requests !

Next time, as I always said, I would go to the client's house to make sure that we do not have to cook in the Potty!

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