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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Recipe and Story ..... For You !

Happy Snow Day !

Well...... another snow day so I can now work off the Sweet Potato Poutine that I had for lunch. Poutine is a bed of french fries topped with Cheese Curd, then gravy.  A Canadian specialty it is decadent but good!  If you can not find curds just use Ricotta or Cheddar Cheese shreds instead!  MMMMM...mmmmm......Good !

Prepare french-fries, regular or Sweet Potato Fries, approximately 2 cups into a serving bowl. Drop 1/2 C of cheddar cheese curds on top of the fries. Ladle 1 cup of sauce (while hot) on top of the fries and cheese. Allow to rest for 3-5 minutes, permitting the sauce and cheese to work together. Grab a fork, and enjoy!

You can use White Hot Sauce or Gravy, just not Sunday Gravy or you have an Italian version which would be good too!  Fattening but YUMMY !

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