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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Recipe and Story ..... For You !

When we decided to take the business from my tiny home kitchen to a commercial kitchen we ended up on a street in Big D. named "Lover's Lane."  Yes, a wedding business on Lover's Lane !! Sine our shop was on the miracle mile in Dallas we decided to open another business called "Good Taste..... In Motion" a sandwich delivery service. We met so many interesting and nice people delivering lunch to them. On of my favorite deliveries was when we had to cover up the lunches of mayonaise slathered chicken salad plates that we took to the diet store across the street. But my all time favorite person was Granny. Granny's real name was Dixie but we gave her the Moniker "Granny."  When Granny's daughter could not bring her lunch we would even though she was out of our delivery area.  Delores, her daughter would order her soup or a sandwich for lunch and a Baked Potato for dinner as Granny could zap it in the Microwave with ease. What I loved about Granny was her charm and wit. When she made it to the door in her walker on wheels she would always say " Here we go again!" in her shaky but sweet voice. She had a child like look on her face when she said it and we would chuckle, bring in the food, hug her and go on our way. I miss granny!

We served her a basic potato with butter and she would add the toppings that we left on the side!  Here is an idea for an alternative, one that I make at home every now and then when I only have a few Shrimps on hand.

To your basic Baked potato add:

1 - clove garlic, minced and quickly sauteed in butter
2 - diced shrimps sauteed in butter in the garlic butter, adding more if needed. As you cook add a drop of olive oil to keep the butter from burning.
2 - ounces of chopped mushrooms that you have sauteed in the shrimp's left over butter, adding Thyme to taste.
 - Sour Cream to taste
 - cheddar cheese, to taste
 - Dolly's seasoned salt to taste

Take the insides of the potato out of the shell leaving the shell in tact. You can half the spud or just cut off a cap.  In a bowl add the sauteed ingredients, then add the sourcream, cheese and more butter if necessary to make a tasty filling. Season with Dolly's to taste, fill the spud and top with more cheese, parmesan is nice to top it with!  Bake in a hot oven ( 350/gas 5 ) until reheated through and the topping is melted, 10 minutes at the most!  And, of course,...... Enjoy!  And Granny, Enjoy Heaven!

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