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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Wishes and A Story ..... For You !

Although today is also :"National Freedom Day," it is also "National Baked Alaska Day!" so....... HAPPY BAKED ALASKA DAY !!!!!  As with many caterers you never want to say no to a new client so when Tincey asked us to serve Baked Alaska I of course said Sure!  Now, I had never made a BA so it was off to the store, a few gallons of iced cream, I used chocolate as that is my favorite flavor. It worked out fine on the first try, oh well, a few more pounds to gain with the left over Iced Cream. When we made Tincey's to order I forgot to do was add the requested birthday candle to it until the last minute. Thus at the eleventh hour I gouged a hole to the middle of the top, slipped in a Waterford Crystal bud vase that I had on my desk as the holder, trimmed, then added a candle, piped Happy Birthday on the candle, not an easy jib and made our delivery!  Since the Bomb was on Tincey's own tray I did not have to go back for the serving piece. In true fashion Tincey called to say who great it was and to also THANK ME FOR THE BEAUTIFUL GIFT OF THE WATERFORD BUD VASE !  I of course said you are welcome, crying as I spoke as the vase was a wedding gift...... and went on with things!  Oh well!

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